$10.00 USD - $30.00 USD
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This pouch is NOT FOR WEED.

This pouch IS:

-Made by hand in Memphis, TN by the inimitable FARTHER BAG CO (check em out on MySpace)
-Made from Ecopak which is made with 100% recycled materials
-Zipped with HHH waterproof Zippers
-Grass fed, organik welds
-And some cage free 100% renewable tender loving care (TLC)

Patch made by Falls Creek Outfitters so ya know they are quality and cutesy. Inspired by the places we like to ride the bikes while not carrying or doing the weed.

Great for: tools, snack er two, first aid kit, coins, organic chap stick, oregano, dried mangos, titanium oregano holders, but NOT WEED!

Will last a life time if you send it safely and do not put weed in it.

2! Not 1, points of dangle-abilitee cuz ya need options

If yer still reading, you can also buy the patch separate if you have yer own baggage that is NOT FOR WEED already and you hate handmade Tennessee craftsmanship (sew on backing)

4x6 and yes it fits a dangle supply wizard stix that is also not for weed

Coyote Colorway